Fed up with depression? Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Depression


What is Depression?

What’re the Causes of Depression?

What are the Symptoms of Depression?

  1. Continuously feeling depressed, hopeless, and empty and having such feelings for more time.
  2. Lack of interest in anything, even the lack of interest in your favorite works.
  3. Sluggishness
  4. Loss of appetite and loss of body weight.
  5. Tiredness and reduced physical strength
  6. Missing things
  7. Difficulty in problem-solving and decision making in solving problems.
  8. Irritability and pessimism
  9. Being surrounded by negative emotions.
  10. Headache, stomachache, and physical pain may occur.
  11. Thoughts of death and suicide come to mind repeatedly.
  12. Isolation from society
  13. To get frustrated

How do we Diagnose Depression?

How does Depression be Treated?

Complications of Depression?

  1. Due to prolonged depression, a person’s relationships may suffer which can have a bad effect on the future life.
  2. A person with this risk is more likely to have a heart attack.
  3. Due to depression, a person starts having problems with sleeplessness.
  4. The most dangerous risk of depression is suicide. People often have such feelings about this.
  5. Due to this, there is a lack of happiness in life, due to which a person becomes addicted to intoxicants.

What are the Risk Factors of Depression?

  1. With whom a very sad incident happened.
  2. Failure achieved
  3. The passing away of a loved one
  4. Lack of successful living strategies
  5. Suffering from depression
  6. Have been taking medicines for a long time
  7. Sick for a long time
  8. Drug addiction
  9. head injury
  10. Change in relationship

Prevention of Depression?

I’m a Health Professional and Blogger too.

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Ankita maurya

Ankita maurya

I’m a Health Professional and Blogger too.

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